World Cord Blood Congress Europe 2015

ViaCord Speaker Spotlight

Novel Applications for Cord Blood: Exploring Regenerative Properties
Kate Girard, RN MSN, Senior Principal Clinical Affairs Specialist

We are excited to share that ViaCord’s own Kate Girard is not only attending,  but is also speaking at the Cord Blood World Europe Conference occurring in London this Wednesday and Thursday. We are excited that Kate is able to attend this meeting because it offers her an opportunity to educate other industry professionals as well as bring back valuable knowledge to the ViaCord research team.This conference is all about advancing cord blood medicine and learning about the latest developments in therapeutic applications for cord blood.  Over the course of two days, cord blood bank representatives, clinicians, and researchers will all gather together to discuss how to build deposits, reduce the costs of banking, and increase utilization.

Kate Girard, RN MSN and the Senior Principal Clinical Affairs Specialist, has been with ViaCord for 13 years.   Her position entails leading the regenerative medicine team in working to identify and explore research involving new applications for cord blood and cord tissue stem cells.  Regenerative medicine is an exciting area of research that focuses on using specific cells to rebuild and restore tissue and organ function.An example of this would be using cord blood stem cells to regenerate organ tissue or using cord tissue stem cells to regenerate structural and connective tissue.  For more information on emerging research and how this applies to cord blood and cord tissue, visit our emerging research page.

Kate will be giving a presentation titled ‘Novel Applications for Newborn Stem Cells: Exploring Regenerative Properties’.   The presentation will review current applications of cord blood stem cells based on pre-clinical and clinical studies as well as review potential future applications for cord tissue derived from stem cells alone or in combination with cord blood based on publications and preclinical studies.

Meetings such as this are extremely valuable because they bring together people from across the industry, and across the world, with different backgrounds and cord blood specific knowledge.  This meeting gives attendees the opportunity to really “speak” Cord Blood and allows them to work towards achieving one common goal – advancing their understanding of the therapeutic opportunities of cord blood.




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