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Miracle Babies Walk Sponsored by ViaCordViaCord is proud to support Miracle Babies through sponsorship of their May 11th “Moms for healthy babies” 5K walk. Hundreds of walkers will be stepping out in support of the non-profit organization’s mission to provide education, support and financial assistance to families with critically ill newborns in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Premature birth continues to be a serious issue in the U.S. It is the number one cause of neonatal mortality and approximately 11.5% of all births occur before term.1,2 Despite efforts and advances in trying to screen and treat women in preterm labor, the incidence of preterm birth has not changed significantly over the past 45 years.3

ViaCord and Miracle Babies first teamed up in 2010, with a collaborative study that aims to identify better umbilical cord blood and cord tissue collection methods for preemies. This research has the potential to address significant unmet needs in the treatment of severe illnesses in premature babies and may improve the availability of future therapeutic options.. Get more details about the ViaCord and Miracle Babies collaborative study in our press release from last year.

Help us spread the word. If you live in the San Diego area or know someone who does, send them information about the walk. And everyone can help increase awareness about premature birth; forward this blog post or share a link to Miracle Babies website. Thanks for doing your part. We’re looking forward to a great day on May 11th!


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