ViaCord Joins March of Dimes Boston Walk
Teaming Up to Fight Premature Births

This Saturday, May 7th is the Boston March for Babies and we couldn’t be more excited to support the March of Dimes’ mission of helping women have full-term pregnancies and healthy babies.  ViaCord and PerkinElmer employees are gathering to join the three mile walk around Boston’s iconic Charles River and we’ll also be sponsoring a Superhero Tent where kids will sport capes and have fun running through a superhero inspired obstacle course!


Currently, the premature birth rate in the United States is about 9.6%, which translates to about 1 in 10 babies being born too soon.Preterm labor is often associated with health problems that require an infant to stay in the hospital longer than usual.  It can also be associated with long term health problems that could affect a baby for their whole life.2

Even though major advances in studying and caring for premature births have been made by researchers and caregivers, the cause of preterm labor is still unknown in about half of the cases.3 For ViaCord, knowing a portion of the funds raised will go towards research to find the causes of premature birth and ways to prevent it is very inspiring.

ViaCord Supports March of Dimes

If you’re in the Boston area, be sure to join us and walk with us this Saturday.  Not only is it going to be three miles of fun, but it will be three miles of raising awareness, helping real families, and fighting for premature babies everywhere.


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