ViaCord Families Help Raise Awareness by Sharing Their Reasons for Banking

ViaCord FacebookThe ViaCord Facebook® page has become a wonderful place for ViaCord families to let their voices be heard. Your inspirational stories are moving and help raise awareness about the importance of cord blood stem cells. It’s this kind of insight that can help other families make an informed decision about cord blood banking. So when we asked our Facebook friends to tell us Why did you bank your baby’s cord blood? we knew we would get a response. But what we received was overwhelming.

Why bank? We asked, you answered!

We were amazed and gratified by how many families gave us a personal look into their reasons for banking their baby’s cord blood. Some parents told us that they wanted peace of mind, and others felt their family history influenced their decisions to bank. We were moved by your stories and couldn’t miss the opportunity to share some of your responses:

 “You never know what the future holds. There have been so many positive uses for people using stem cells, and I felt it would have been careless of me not to have the opportunity to give such a wonderful gift to my babies, if they are to ever need it.” —Claire

“My husband had cancer before we had our babies. [We] did it for peace of mind, just in case. Small price to pay! And we DEFINITELY made the right choice of bank.” —Ali

“My daughter is the greatest gift I’ve ever been given. She is everything to me. It’s a small gift for her future.” —Erin

“My second son, Nolan, suffered a brain injury at birth, so we banked our third son’s in hopes it would one day benefit Nolan!” —Nina

“Because we went through so much with fertility treatments to have our son, we knew he would likely be our only child. Having a smaller family means fewer potential matches if ever needed, so saving his cord blood seemed like a good idea. In just the past six years, the amazing advancements in technology have confirmed our decision. I would never want to be put in the position of having to say ‘We should have,’ so [having the cord blood available] gives us peace of mind.” —Jane


Raising awareness about the value of cord blood stem cells

Families who have banked or donated their babies’ cord blood are a great resource for educating others about cord blood stem cells. You can continue to help spread the word about cord blood stem cells in a variety of ways.

  1. Communicate the value of cord blood to expecting friends and family members. Despite nationwide efforts to raise awareness about stem cells, some parents are still unaware of the options to bank or donate.
  2. Consider donating if private banking isn’t right for your family. You  can check the Be The Match Registry® to see if your local hospital collects cord blood for public donation. If it doesn’t, write a letter encouraging them to get involved.
  3. Utilize social media to spread the word. Whether it’s a group on Facebook or a Tweet linking others to inspirational stories, your voice can be heard around the world on the Internet. If you’re not already a ViaCord Facebook Friend, please join us.

And finally, share your stories with us. One of the best parts of working at ViaCord is hearing from the families who have entrusted us with their baby’s cord blood. From why you banked to inspirational stories that show the value of these stem cells, we love hearing from you.

You can share your comments in this post or join us on Facebook !

Speaking of spreading the word, have you heard about the exciting new developments regarding our new cord tissue banking service? Check it out here.

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