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Banking Your Baby’s Cord Blood – Expert advice on storing your baby’s cord blood
via Fit Pregnancy

ViaCord’s Chief Scientific Officer, Morey Kraus, talked to Fit Pregnancy in a must-read article for expecting parents considering cord blood banking. Bottom line? The promising field of stem cell research is prompting more parents to store their newborns’ umbilical cord blood. Read the full article here.

Cell discovery brings blood disorder cure closer
via Science Daily.

A recent study, led by researchers at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) identified, for the first time, mechanisms in the body that trigger Hematopoietic Stem Cell (HSC) production. HSCs are a type of cell found in cord blood that can help rebuild a healthy immune system and understanding how to pull a trigger and get more of them could significantly impact the way these cells are used in medicine. Click here to get study details.

Could cord blood cell therapy reduce preterm brain injury?”
via Frontiers

Frontiers, an academic publisher and research network, recently posted about a group of researchers that will explore current knowledge about the neuroprotective actions of umbilical cord blood stem cells and their potential to improve preterm brain injury through neonatal cell administration. There are currently no treatments targeted at protecting the immature preterm brain. More details here.

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