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Tracking Stem Cells After Infusion
via Parents Guide to Cord Blood Banking

For the last decade, Dr. Assaf A. Gilad, PhD, Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins University, and his lab have been developing a unique imaging technology that not only tracks the location of transplanted  stem cells post infusion, it also monitors cell viability and function – all in a non-invasive way.

So, what does this mean for the world of regenerative medicine?  An unmet need has possibly been met.  This new technology could help answer questions that many researchers have been asking for over a decade about how stem cells behave once they’re infused in a patient:  Where did the stem cells go?’, ‘Did they gravitate to the damaged site?’, ‘How many stem cells are alive, how many died in the process?’, ‘How are the thriving cells functioning?’.  Having answers to questions such as these may be able to help clinicians in the future assess the success of stem cell therapies for certain conditions – ultimately improving patient safety and treatment outcomes.

READ MORE from Dr. Assaf A. Gilad about his exciting, and pretty cool, technology.


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