Share The Science at the
AABB 2015 Annual Meeting

“Game Changers: Using Cord Blood to Help the Brain” presented by Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg

The 2015 AABB annual meeting has been going on since Saturday, but today is the day we’ve been waiting for!  Today, October 26th, Mediware and Save The Cord Foundation will be hosting an exclusive Share the Science presentation about new cord blood clinical applications being researched for treatment of acquired and genetic brain injuries.

The presentation is titled “Game Changers: Using Cord Blood to Help the Brain” and will be given by Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg, Director of Carolinas Cord Blood Bank and CSO of Robertson Clinical and Translational Cell Therapy Program and a well-known and respected doctor in the cord blood field.

During this presentation, she will discuss the history and advancement of cord blood banking and transplantation, new applications being studied for cord blood therapies, and how cord blood could be used to help the brain. She’ll also speak about quality measures of cord blood units.

Another reason we’re excited for this presentation?  Morey Kraus, Chief Scientific Officer at ViaCord, and Karen Foster, Director of ViaCord’s processing lab will both be in attendance.  We’re excited that they will be able to hear the presentation first-hand and learn from Dr. Kurtzberg’s experience.

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AABB 2015 Annual Meeting

  1. Thank you so much for attending this groundbreaking presentation today with Dr. Kurtzberg. We appreciate you sharing this important information with others and especially expectant parents who are contemplating if they should save their child’s cord blood. We would encourage everyone to do so whether publicly or privately. Cord blood is such a valuable resource and Dr. Kurtzberg’s presentation today highlighted the numerous life-saving/life-changing qualities that it possesses. At Save the Cord Foundation, we encourage every parent to “Give life twice. Save the cord.”

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