Pregnancy Checklist:
Preparing for Baby’s Arrival

Your little one’s arrival is right around the corner – yeah!  Now is a great time to run through a final check list of considerations and settle any nerves you may have about being prepared. Not to worry, you’re ready for this incredible journey….

Whether you’re a first time mom or experienced, an infant-care class will provide you with confidence in baby caring areas such as bathing, performing cpr and soothing techniques. To find a class in your area, visit the Red Cross website. 

Prepared Meals
Precooking and freezing meals in the weeks leading up to birth will pay off in the weeks following birth. Being able to quickly heat up nutritious meals will help keep you going (and healthy) in a time where taking care of yourself is not top of mind.

Cord Blood Banking
When it comes to your baby’s umbilical cord blood you have options. You can choose to save it, donate it, or discard it. Before making a decision, learn about the potential health benefits of saving it for your family.  Visit for more information.

Car Seat
The hospital won’t let you take your new precious cargo home without a car seat. If you need help with proper installation, stop by your local fire/police station. They are typically trained and qualified to install car seats. Watch this video on how to install an infant car seat.

Hospital Tour
Many expecting moms find being familiar with the environment in which their baby will be born helps easy anxiety the day of delivery. Simply call your delivering hospital and ask for a tour schedule.

Pack your hospital bag
Babies come at their own time, so it’s a good idea to have a hospital bag packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice.  Be sure the essentials are packed, like your cord blood collection kit, a toothbrush, and clothes to come home from the hospital in.  Also include comforts from home, like cozy pajamas, your iPod, and your camera to capture those precious first moments!

CLICK HERE to download and print a copy of the pregnancy checklist!

Pregnancy Checklist



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