My Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up

70_computer_coffee mugI woke up this morning, tired from a busy weekend and hoping it could last just one more day. My sleepy self with coffee in hand, started in on the daily grind to find this message from a ViaCord client in my inbox. I can’t thank Laura J. enough for taking the time to share her “why we banked” story with us.

From Laura J…

“My husband and I chose to bank our daughter’s cord blood after we saw a heartbreaking flyer bearing the story of a young college student desperate for the funds needed to receive a life-saving stem cell transplant. The young woman didn’t only need a matching donor- she needed $250,000 for the medical procedures. We are young and don’t have much, but we knew this investment wouldn’t be wasted. We made the sacrifices to bank Evelyn’s cord blood because it is a priceless investment in our daughter’s health. As a parent, you only have this one chance to preserve a perfect match- something that could one day save your child’s life. We are thankful for the service we have received from the moment we signed up to the phone call that the cord blood was received. We continue to be happy with everything Viacord has to offer and plan to bank again with any more children we have.”

Laura, you provided the jolt that my cup of coffee couldn’t. Thanks for reminding me that my job is more than just a daily grind (no pun intended).

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