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Happy HalloweenHolidays are a great time for us to connect with our ViaCord families, especially on spooktacular days like Halloween! Trick-or-treating will be starting soon, and that means ghouls and goblins will be lining the streets to fill their bags with candy. Kids love costumes and dressing up—but it’s important to remember safety when they head out. Consider these tips for to ensure you have the most spook-tastic and safe Halloween ever!

 Monsters and princesses should always travel in packs.
Kids should never go trick-or-treating alone. Get a group of kids together to go out hunting for candy together. They can even coordinate their costumes. And make sure your little ones have flashlights, glowsticks or reflector tape as part of their costumes. You can even get creative with the tape and make scary faces.

  • Test the spooks before the big day.
    Costumes are designed for all different shapes and sizes. It’s important that the costume fits correctly to avoid any real scares on this candy holiday. And that includes makeup. Try the makeup on a small area of skin to make sure there aren’t any reactions.

 Put a different kind of flicker in your flame.
Whether it’s jack-o’-lanterns on the front step, luminaries along the sidewalk or lighting at your party, give flameless candles a try. These candles avoid fire hazards and give your home the same creepy vibe.

Trick your kids into eating healthy treats.
Hosting a Halloween party? Give healthy treats a try, such as skinless grapes for eyeballs or raisins at the end of thin strips of cheese to look like decayed fingers.

Create haunting activities for your party.
Kids love running around—and your yard is the perfect place for them to do that in their costumes. Set up a few games, like Ghost in the Graveyard, to entertain them while adults mingle indoors.

Holidays like these give us the chance to connect with ViaCord families beyond cord blood and cord tissue.  We’d love for you to come join the conversation on ViaCord’s FaceBook Page and tell us what your little one is going to be this Halloween.  And if you’re feeling really ambootious—post a picture on our Facebook ® Wall!

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