Go Beyond Cord Blood Banking with the Newborn DNA Guardian Service

If you’re thinking about making cord blood banking part of your birth plan, we want you to know there’s another option that can help you further prepare for your family’s future health. For families planning to store their newborn’s cord blood with ViaCord, they now have the additional option to save their newborn’s DNA with a new service offering: Newborn DNA GuardianSM.

What is the Newborn DNA Guardian service?

With the Newborn DNA Guardian service, families can save the DNA found in their newborn’s umbilical cord cells for genomic testing in the future. Preserving your child’s DNA with ViaCord is easy because it can be conveniently collected during our cord blood banking process.

The Benefits of Saving your Child’s DNA

When your child is born, their DNA is in a pristine state – just like cord blood stem cells. The DNA hasn’t been exposed yet to harmful biological and environmental factors that can change it, possibly causing health issues later in life.

Having a sample of your child’s DNA stored means it’s readily accessible for genomic testing, or other potential types of testing where newborn DNA is deemed an optimal source for clinical evaluation. And since DNA can be preserved for a long period of time, you have the option of using it soon after your child is born or years later down the road. The DNA sample is only released for testing with the authorization of your Physician and you.

Genomic Testing Options with DNA

Genomic testing can tell us a lot about our health and potential disease risks. Having this knowledge and resource at your fingertips gives you an opportunity to make proactive decisions about your child’s healthcare rather than waiting on symptoms to occur.

Two genomic testing options are available to your child with the Newborn DNA Guardian service: Genetic Insights Panel and Whole Genome Sequencing.

Genetics Insights Panel:

Our Genetic Insights Panel looks at over 270 genes in your child’s DNA to detect medically actionable, childhood-onset conditions. You’ll get insight into conditions including heart conditions, childhood cancers, hearing loss, and metabolic disorders.

Whole Genome Sequencing:

Our Whole Genome Sequencing test also identifies childhood-onset conditions. It looks at the entire genome to detect 2,500 genes that are potentially disease-causing. Additionally, this test will give and your family important insight into drug sensitivity and response to treatment.

All Genomic Tests Include:

+  Expert Customer Service

+  Physicians and Genetic Counselor Support

+  Personalized Results Report

When you bank your newborn’s cord blood and preserve their DNA with the Newborn DNA Guardian service, you’re arming your family with two powerful medical resources that will be available only to your family.

To learn more about the Newborn DNA Guardian service and how it can benefit your family, please visit our website here.


Banking cord blood does not guarantee that treatment will work, and only a doctor can determine when it can be used. Any medical information is intended solely to be a guide to general education on DNA testing. It is Customer’s responsibility to discuss the information and how it applies to Customer with Customer’s healthcare provider before taking any action. Customer and Customer’s healthcare provider must decide whether DNA testing is appropriate for Customer or Customer’s family members. PerkinElmer does not endorse or make recommendations with respect to research, medication, or treatments. All information presented is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice.

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