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For many, the Thanksgiving season is an opportunity to take some time and reflect, give thanks and express gratitude.  This year we asked our very own ViaCord employees to tell us the things they’re grateful for this year.  Here’s what they said:

 “This year more than ever, I’m thankful for the strength, love and support of my wife, Janaelle, who is the reason I got through my stem cell transplant last year—better and stronger than ever!!”  
– Brian,  ViaCord Clinical Consultant

“I am thankful for my 33 healthy nieces and nephews and for having a job that allows me to collaborate and affect positive change with so many intelligent, passionate and hard-working coworkers, making a difference for better future health for families.”   
–  Karen, Vice President Lab Operations and ViaCord Site Leader

“I am blessed to belong to a close family, and this year, using Facebook® we set up a reunion to meet the cousins we never knew as kids. As families get smaller, these extended family connections will mean more, and I am grateful that we have had a chance to extend these relationships to the current and upcoming generations of children and  grandchildren.”
 – Susan, ViaCord Sales Manager

“I’m thankful for my job, which gives me the opportunity to help families with sick children and foster new initiatives that will  impact the well being and quality of life for many more families in the future. I’m also very thankful for the love of my family and my hard-working husband, as well as my health and the health of my baby due in Spring! (Oh, and pickles!!)” 
– Kate, ViaCord Clinical Manager

“I’m thankful to have one last turkey-day meal with my entire immediate family. My sister is moving out of the country next summer, so this will be our last major holiday together. I’m grateful to be able to spend Thanksgiving with the ones I love.”  
– Bukola, Manager ViaCord Customer Service

“I am thankful for the health and happiness of my family. I love being the youngest of 11 kids (yes, you read that right!), and I feel blessed that I get to be an aunt to my wonderful nephews and nieces. Although the holidays can be hectic, they are never boring.”
– Jenn, Marketing Intern

We’d love to hear from you. Tell us, what are you thankful for on this special holiday? Take a few moments to let us know in the comments or ViaCord’s Facebook®  Wall.

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