Cord Blood & Delayed Cord Clamping

CB Myth #1

Myth: If you choose to delay cord clamping, you no longer have the option to collect cord blood.

Fact: Cord blood collection begins immediately after the cord is clamped and cut –whenever that may be.  Timing is determined by you and your OB or midwife. If you do delay clamping, be sure to collect as much of the remaining cord blood as possible.

At ViaCord if a cord blood sample doesn’t reach a minimum threshold, you’ll be notified and you can decide to continue storing or not.

Another option to consider is cord tissue collection which includes stem cells extracted from the actual cord tissue (different from cord blood).

2 Comments on “Cord Blood & Delayed Cord Clamping

  1. i’m 32 weeks pregnant; my baby boy’s been diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. do you bank for free for this condition? we will be working with the mayo clinic’s stem cell study–they need 50-100 (100 preferred) cc’s of cord blood. hopefully we’ve got a long cord with tons of blood in there! they say they will cooperate with another entity where we should choose to bank remaining cord blood/tissue if future studies pop up elsewhere. i do not want to waste any viable cells that might help my child.

    • Hi Gina. Thank you for reaching out. Our Clinical Manager is looking into this for you and we will be in touch with more information as soon as we have it. In the meantime you can reach us directly at with any additional questions or concerns. Thank you – Stephanie

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