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Ever wish someone could explain to you in 30 seconds how umbilical cord blood stem cells are collected? Does hearing stories of ViaCord families inspire you to let friends and family know about the option of stem cell preservation? Would it be helpful to hear an OB’s perspective on cord blood banking?  Well now you can watch, learn and be inspired all in one place – on ViaCord’s YouTube Channel!

Bringing ViaCord families and information to your home
With over 4 million people connecting and auto-sharing via social networks,1YouTube is a great way to help spread awareness about the importance of cord blood and cord tissue banking, and the work that we do at ViaCord.

Here are some highlights from our most viewed videos:

  • Trinity helped save her sister Taylor’s life. Once battling leukemia, Taylor now has less than a 5% chance of a leukemia relapse, thanks to Trinity’s cord blood. Watch this video >>.
  • A ViaCord expert explains in 30secs how those precious cord blood stem cells are collected after birth. Watch this video >>.
  • Parents Kelly and Corey talk about their experience enrolling their daughter, Cady, into the Duke University cerebral palsy study. Watch this video >>.  You can also read their story on our blog, here.
  • Watch an overview of the cord blood and cord tissue banking process and learn about the potential benefits it can provided families. Watch this video >>.

Our goal is to provide useful and engaging videos for our YouTube visitors, and with your help we can reach that goal together! Just tell us in the comments of this post what type of videos you’d most like to see on the ViaCord YouTube Channel.

Staying in touch with the latest from ViaCord
While you’re checking out our videos, be sure to subscribe to our channel. Your subscription will guarantee that you are notified when new videos are posted. Telling others about ViaCord’s YouTube Channel is also a great way to help keep people informed about the potential benefits cord blood and cord tissue banking. Anyone that visits us on YouTube can see for themselves why over 250,000 families have chosen ViaCord.

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