New Hope for HLHS with Cord Blood

What is Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome?

Hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) is a rare, critical birth defect in which the left side of a baby’s heart doesn’t form correctly as it grows during pregnancy. When the left side of the heart is underdeveloped, it restricts normal blood flow to the body and the baby doesn’t get the oxygen within the blood that it needs.

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World Cord Blood Congress Europe 2015

ViaCord Speaker Spotlight

Novel Applications for Cord Blood: Exploring Regenerative Properties
Kate Girard, RN MSN, Senior Principal Clinical Affairs Specialist

We are excited to share that ViaCord’s own Kate Girard is not only attending,  but is also speaking at the Cord Blood World Europe Conference occurring in London this Wednesday and Thursday. We are excited that Kate is able to attend this meeting because it offers her an opportunity to educate other industry professionals as well as bring back valuable knowledge to the ViaCord research team.This conference is all about advancing cord blood medicine and learning about the latest developments in therapeutic applications for cord blood.  Over the course of two days, cord blood bank representatives, clinicians, and researchers will all gather together to discuss how to build deposits, reduce the costs of banking, and increase utilization. Read More

Autism and Cord Blood

Collaborating for a Cause: Autism
A Cord Blood Clinical Trial Underway

ViaCord supports Phase 1 Clinical Trial with Duke University Medical center to study safety of cord blood infusion in children with Autism.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of U.S. children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has sharply increased to 1 in 68 – up 30% from two years ago when the CDC estimated that 1 in 88 children had the disorder. The data also showed that ASD is almost five times more common among boys than girls:
1 in 42 boys versus 1 in 189 girls.1

ASD is a group of disorders characterized by “persistent deficits in social communication and social interaction across multiple contexts and restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, or activities.” Although the exact causes of ASD are still unknown, research suggests that both genes and environment play important roles. 2

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The Cord Blood Stop:
You Cord Blood News Source

Banking Your Baby’s Cord Blood – Expert advice on storing your baby’s cord blood
via Fit Pregnancy

ViaCord’s Chief Scientific Officer, Morey Kraus, talked to Fit Pregnancy in a must-read article for expecting parents considering cord blood banking. Bottom line? The promising field of stem cell research is prompting more parents to store their newborns’ umbilical cord blood. Read the full article here. Read More

Cord Blood Awareness Month Continues with Cord Blood Banking Giveaway! | ViaCord

Win Free Cord Blood Banking

Win Free Cord Blood Banking on ViaCord’s Facebook page!

Last month there was a lot of talk about cord blood. Each year during July, when Cord Blood Awareness Month is in full effect, ViaCord plays a big part in the conversations taking place – and we couldn’t be happier!  Helping expecting parents learn about the value of cord blood and the benefits of banking cord blood stem cells is something we take great pride in.

Typical topics of conversation include: what is cord blood, how is cord blood used in treatment (both today and possibly in the future), and what are the top reasons families bank cord blood. Often times, after learning about the valuable role cord blood stem cells can play in a family’s life, many folks ask us for ways they can help raise awareness. We tell them: Read More