Go Beyond Cord Blood Banking with the Newborn DNA Guardian Service

If you’re thinking about making cord blood banking part of your birth plan, we want you to know there’s another option that can help you further prepare for your family’s future health. For families planning to store their newborn’s cord blood with ViaCord, they now have the additional option to save their newborn’s DNA with a new service offering: Newborn DNA GuardianSM.

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ViaCord Joins March of Dimes Boston Walk
Teaming Up to Fight Premature Births

This Saturday, May 7th is the Boston March for Babies and we couldn’t be more excited to support the March of Dimes’ mission of helping women have full-term pregnancies and healthy babies.  ViaCord and PerkinElmer employees are gathering to join the three mile walk around Boston’s iconic Charles River and we’ll also be sponsoring a Superhero Tent where kids will sport capes and have fun running through a superhero inspired obstacle course!

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Win Free Cord Blood Banking with the #ViaCordbumpie Photo Contest!

Pregnancy is such an exciting time for many reasons.  From picking out nursery colors to stocking up on baby bottles, there is a ton to do to prepare for your new baby, but there also is a ton to celebrate! Read More

Iron: An essential nutrient for your pregnancy diet [Infographic]

Eating a healthy and balanced diet can have its benefits, especially when eating for two.  Iron, an important nutrient for any diet, becomes especially important if you are pregnant.  In this infographic on iron, you’ll learn why it is an important nutrient to focus on during your pregnancy and what it can do for you and your growing baby. Read More

Protein: An essential nutrient for your pregnancy diet [Infographic]

Making smart choices about your pregnancy diet is not only good for you but can also help promote the development of your growing baby.  In this info graphic on protein, a key nutrient to focus on when pregnant, you’ll learn why it is important and where you can find it.
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Folic Acid: An essential nutrient for your pregnancy diet [Infographic]

If you’re pregnant, maintaining a healthy diet is not only important for your own well being, but it’s also necessary for promoting the development and growth of your baby.  In this info graphic on folic acid, an essential pregnancy nutrient, you’ll learn why it is important and what foods you can find it in.  Read More