Riding With Confidence – One Boy’s Story About Participating in Recent Phase II Cerebral Palsy and Cord Blood Clinical Trial

After years of searching for an answer, Patrick’s cerebral palsy diagnosis provided the Rooney family with the definitive answer they had been looking for.  Read More

ViaCord Joins March of Dimes Boston Walk
Teaming Up to Fight Premature Births

This Saturday, May 7th is the Boston March for Babies and we couldn’t be more excited to support the March of Dimes’ mission of helping women have full-term pregnancies and healthy babies.  ViaCord and PerkinElmer employees are gathering to join the three mile walk around Boston’s iconic Charles River and we’ll also be sponsoring a Superhero Tent where kids will sport capes and have fun running through a superhero inspired obstacle course!

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How to Prepare Sleep Schedules for Daylight Saving Time.
Guest Post | Whitney Roban Ph.D.

Springtime is upon us!  This change in seasons brings us warmer weather, beautiful flowers, and longer days.  Unfortunately, it also brings to parents the dreaded daylight savings time shift in sleep.  This “Spring Forward” can be stressful to parents of young children, as it can disrupt sleep schedules and routines.  I am here to offer my best tips for the upcoming daylight savings time so that your family has a smooth transition into Spring. Read More

How to Get Sleep Schedules Back on Track After The Holidays.
Guest Post | Whitney Roban, Ph.D.

Everyone needs a break from the regular routine and that is exactly what the holidays provide for us.  Whether you are experiencing the sun, surf and sand on a tropical vacation or the coziness of a staycation relaxing in PJ’s in your home, the holiday break allows us to forget about our fast paced and super scheduled lives for just a little while. Read More

A Pediatrician’s Perspective: Developmental Milestones Through
Baby’s First Year
Guest Post – Dr. Bruce Brovender

Quotation MarksIn my practice as a general pediatrician one of the most common questions I am asked is, “How do I know that my child is developing normally?”

The American Academy of Pediatrics takes this question very seriously and has laid out guidelines for Pediatricians to follow. It is very important to be constantly vigilant at each well baby visit for potential problems.  I have learned to always listen to parents who may have a concern about their child’s development.

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How much sleep does my child really need?
Guest Post | Whitney Roban, Ph.D.

Quotation MarksWhen parents ask me how much sleep their child needs, my answer continually surprises – it’s always much more than they expected. As a mom, I understand the place of surprise they are coming from. I remember when my first child was a newborn, it seemed as though he was always sleeping. As soon as my son would wake up, my parents would tease me and ask if it was time for me to put him down to sleep again. Joking aside it did feel as though he was always being put down to sleep, sleeping, or just waking up. The reason it turns out? Newborns need to sleep, a lot!

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