CNN report: stem cells provide hope for damaged hearts

75_red-blood-cells-in-veinCNN  is reporting promising results from studies that use adult stem cells to treat heart disease and damage. Early results from the largest stem cell study for heart disease in the U.S. indicate that adult stem cells, when injected directly into the heart muscle, have been capable of growing new blood vessels.

The cardiologist Dr. Douglas Losordo, who leads the clinical trial injecting adult stem cells directly into heart muscle, believes that if the trial continues to perform as well as expected, it’s possible that new treatment could be widely available in a little over four years for end-stage cardiac patients who have tried all other available therapies. It is estimated that there may be between 300,000 – 900,000 end-stage cardiac patients who may be helped.

In the CNN article, Dr. Jeffrey Karp, who runs a stem cell biology lab at Harvard University, cites that the major focus of stem cell research in cardiology has been in promoting regeneration-using stem cells to help the body repair and regrow damaged cells and tissues.

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Lillian's Story: Cerebral Palsy treated with Cord Blood

lillianbarclaySurprises. They come in all shapes in sizes. Some are welcome with open arms, and others, well, not so much. Today’s blog post is about one family’s remarkable journey – one filled with surprises – and their perseverance in handling whatever came their way.

For Kahla and Brandon, it all started when Kahla was six months pregnant. She was driving when out of nowhere, an 18-wheeler plowed into her car and broke her pelvis, sacrum and the bones in her thigh and leg. Miraculously, Mom and baby survived the crash.

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