Cancer Awareness Month

September is cancer awareness month, and we want to recognize everyone, big and small, who is fighting strong to beat cancer.

In honor of childhood cancer awareness month, everyone is encouraged to wear gold in support of the American Childhood Cancer Organization’s ‘Go Gold’ campaign, which aims to bring awareness and raise proceeds to help kids battling cancer. With about 15,780 children under the age of 20 in the U.S. being diagnosed with cancer each year1, it’s important more now than ever to help eliminate it.

September is also blood cancer awareness month. Started by Congress in 2010, blood cancer awareness month brings recognition to leukemia and lymphoma. Even though 14,000 people are diagnosed each month with these blood cancers, we are seeing the survival rate grow as science progresses.2

As our way of bringing awareness to cancer this month, we want to share how the healing potential within umbilical cord blood stem cells has made a difference for some families facing cancer. Cord blood stem cells have the unique ability to help rebuild a healthy immune system damaged by disease. They can be used in the treatment of nearly 80 different diseases today, including certain cancers and blood disorders.3

Hear from one ViaCord family how they used cord blood from one of their children to treat Leukemia for another.


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Disclaimer: Banking cord blood does not guarantee that treatment will work and only a doctor can determine when it can be used. Cord tissue stem cells have not been used in treatment yet. Research is ongoing. For more details and references click here.

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