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Happy Mother's Day!According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of a Mother is: a female parent. Now we all know that mothers are more than simply ‘female parents’. They are nurturers, leaders, role models, and the best hug-givers in the world! Perhaps the definition in print is so brief because there are so many, or rather too many, ways to define what a Mother is.

To honor Mother’s Day this year we thought it would be fun to flip the tables. Instead of asking others what mom means to them, we’ve asked moms to tell us what their role of mother means to them. And who better to ask than our very own ViaCord employees who are mothers, of course!  Let’s see what they had to say:

“To me being a mother is never sitting down to enjoy a (hot) meal, never using a restroom in peace, never sleeping throughout the night and loving every minute of it! ”
 Korina, Sales Supervisor – New mom of a 4 month old girl

 “One of my favorite mom moments is when I find myself quoting my own mother, often asking myself “Wow, did I just say that?” You realize how many tools your mother tucked away in your “mom tool box” along the way for you to use with your own children. I’m blessed to have an amazing role model to share with my children.”
Jennie, Family Liaison Team member – Mom of a 5 and 3 yr old

 “To me, being a mother is watching my baby (16 yrs, but forever my baby) grow into a mature, responsible, well rounded young lady.  It seems like just yesterday she was 6 months;  then I turned the corner and now the teenage years are coming to an end….she keeps me balanced, she keeps me focused, and I love her more with each passing day….”
Nikkie, Executive Assistant Dx Field Sales –  Mom of a 16 yr old daughter

“I’ve discovered two important things about being a mom; I have an unlimited capacity for love and it’s ok that I don’t love every second of it. “
Lisa, Marketing –  Mom of two boys; 19 months and 5 months old

“For me, it’s about sharing a relationship of complete trust and love ”
Avneet, Siebel Applications Engineer –  Mom of two; 8 yr old and 3 month old

“As my kids have gotten older and wander the world, the pride and anxiety I felt as a new mom continues, but now has new colors.  Handing over control and trust to a babysitter for the first time has evolved to a sendoff to college or a move to a far away city.  The pride is mixed with wistfulness as they gain independence, or shift their first loyalties to a spouse.  But even as they grow up and away, I celebrate when the used-to-be little boy and girl say, “I love you Mom!”
Susan, Sales Manager –  Mother of two;  31 yr old son and 27 yr daughter

We’d like to extend a big warm thank you to all of our moms who participated. Not only do you go above and beyond taking care of your own growing families every day, but you extend that same love to the expecting families and ViaCord customers that you interact with daily. You are truly amazing, and we wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day in advance.



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