Delayed Cord Clamping &
Cord Blood Banking. Yes, you can do both!

What is delayed cord clamping?

Delayed cord clamping is the practice of letting the umbilical cord pulse, waiting at least 30-60 seconds after birth, before clamping and cutting the cord. Read More


#GOGOLD In Support of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and if you’ve been seeing a lot of gold out there on the internet it’s no coincidence, because gold is the color of childhood cancer!

Throughout the month so many people – from celebrities, to sports teams, to organizations – have been inspired by the Go Gold Fund’s initiative to ‘Show Your Gold’ as a way to show support and help create awareness around childhood cancer.  And as cord blood stem cells can be used to help treat certain pediatric cancers – we definitely wanted to step up, show our support, and #GOGOLD!

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Sibling Cord Blood In Action

There is often confusion over who can use cord blood stem cells in treatment — the baby they were collected from or a sibling? The short answer is both, but it very much depends on the condition being treated. And it’s ultimately the treating physician’s decision. Recently, a mom who banked her son’s cord blood with ViaCord and used it in a transplant to help treat another son’s leukemia sat down with Rosie Pope and shared her story.

VCGrad Feature Image

Back-to-School #VCGrad Photo Contest

Calling all future graduates!

The first day of a new school year is definitely a big deal, no matter what grade your little scholar is starting.  But, we want to take a minute and fast forward to an even bigger day (that will probably be here before you know it!) – Graduation.  Read More

Get excited about cord blood!

While the world of cord blood can be a little overwhelming at times, it’s also super exciting! Cord blood stem cells have been used in medicine for a little over twenty-five years, and great scientific minds continue to probe for new possibilities using these amazing cells.

At ViaCord, we’re lucky (and super proud) to have one of those great scientific minds work with us every day.  Not only is Morey Kraus one of the original founders of ViaCord, but he is also a stem cell biologist and a chemical engineer by training.  Yep, he’s pretty much the best.

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How to transition your kids to a
“Back to School” sleep schedule.
Guest Post: Dr. Whitney Roban

As the lazy days of summer transition to the harried days of fall and back to school, many families struggle with how to ease into their new hectic schedules.  An important, and often difficult, part of this transition is sleep.  Summer is often a time of relaxation, including relaxed schedules and routines.  Parents allow children to stay up later at night and sleep in the next day (especially teenagers).  Although everyone seems to love these carefree days and nights, the lax sleep schedules tend to wreak havoc on our ability to rise and shine when school starts up again.  As a Pediatric Sleep Specialist, I offer the following advice to help make the “back to school” transition as smooth as possible. Read More