How Your Baby Grows in the First Trimester

Finding out you’re pregnant is a magical moment, and incredible things will happen right from the start of your first trimester. Your baby, which simply starts as a group of cells, will transform and grow into the amazing little human being you will soon be holding. Here’s all the ways your baby will grow in their first trimester of pregnancy.

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Milestones: Baby’s First Year

You spent 9 months on an incredible journey waiting for your little one to come into the world. The next journey begins the moment they’re born, and it all happens so fast. Every day you’ll see your baby grow a bit more. They’ll learn to master certain skills like smiling, holding their head up, using their hands, and eventually learn to walk and talk. Check out our infographic to see what you can expect your baby to learn in their first year.

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4 Essential Pregnancy Nutrients

Good nutrition and a balanced diet go hand in hand in giving our bodies what they need to function. Now that you have a little one on the way, it’s even more important to get the right nutrients so your baby grows strong and healthy.

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Coming Together During COVID-19

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is creating uncertainty every day, but one thing is certain – people will rise to the occasion and preserve to help make a difference.  Below some examples close to the ViaCord family.

OB-GYNs Share Their Stories

Run Towards The Fire:
Caring for Patients and the Homeless During COVID-19

Dr. Natalia Echeverri’s, MD, FACOG commitment and passion for caring for others during COVID-19 extends beyond the walls of her practice in Miami, Florida, to meet the needs of the homeless in some of Miami’s most undeserved neighborhoods. Read More

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Run Towards The Fire: An OB-GYN’s story of caring for patients and the homeless during COVID-19

Natalia Echeverri, MD, FACOG is an OB-GYN located in Miami, FL. Her commitment and passion for helping others goes beyond women’s health. When she is not in her office helping patients, she can be found spending quality time with her husband and two sons.

At ViaCord, we know just how special the OB-GYNs we work with are.  As busy as their days can be, from back to back appointments to delivering babies during all hours of the day, they always make time to help educate families about their option to bank their newborns’ stem cells. Why? Because they care. They care for their families as if they were their own.

Today, we’re joined by one those special OB-GYNs, Natalia Echeverri, MD, FACOG. Her commitment and passion for caring for others during COVID-19 extends beyond the walls of her Miami, FL OB-GYN practice, to meet the needs of some of Miami’s most undeserved neighborhoods.

Dr. Echeverri shares her story below…

During a crisis there is always a group of people who “run towards the fire.” We identify a need and try to find a way to meet it. COVID-19 is a perfect example of how we, as a community, ran towards the fire in different but all valuable ways. 

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Preeclampsia Awareness Month | ViaCord

Preeclampsia Awareness Month

May is Preeclampsia Awareness Month in the United Sates.  Preeclampsia Awareness Month draws attention to the fact that at least 5-8% of all pregnancies are affected by preeclampsia, which is a rapidly progressive condition characterized by high blood pressure and the presence of protein in the urine. 1

One of the things that makes the clinical management of preeclampsia so tricky is that it usually begins after 20 weeks of pregnancy in women whose blood pressure had been normal. 2   Left untreated, preeclampsia can lead to serious, even fatal, complications for both mother and baby.

Despite patient advocacy, the efforts of researchers, scientists and clinicians – and millions of dollars investment in seeking its prevention – the rate of preeclampsia in the US has increased 25% in the last two decades and is a leading cause of maternal and infant illness and death. 3

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